Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City

Focus Area: Health – After-School Program – Healthy Habits/Intergenerational Garden



Program Description: The mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.


Healthy Habits is a multi-faceted approach to overall health and wellness. The program aims to promote health and wellness in club members, ages 6-18 years, through increasing youth knowledge of healthy food choices, increasing hours of physical activity, and strengthening social interaction with others to create positive friendships. The program operates year round and is designed to nurture young people’s potential by encouraging positive behaviors, increasing access to nutritious eating, and providing health related outreach, education and prevention to our young community.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley

Focus Area: Health – After-School Program – Triple Play



Program Description: Boys and Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley’s mission is to enhance the lives of the young people of our community, especially those with economic and/or social needs, by offering a safe haven and meaningful youth development programs.


The Triple Play program aims to promote healthy living and active learning throughout the club experience, for children ages 6-14 years. This includes learning about and incorporating healthy habits into the daily routine, with proper nutrition, participation in regular physical activity, and healthy social engagement. The program is designed to nurture young people’s potential by encouraging positive behaviors, with increased access to nutritious food and physical activity.



Catholic Charities  

Focus Area: Health – Low-Cost and No-Cost Family Counseling


Program Description: The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide services that impact family, neighborhood, and society so that people’s lives are filled with hope. Catholic Charities envisions that all families in the Coachella Valley experience stability, safety, health and well-being.

The counseling program provides essential low fee and no fee mental health counseling services for low-income Coachella Valley individuals and families.  



CHLA – Barbara Sinatra Child Advocacy Center (BSCC)

Focus Area: Health – Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center (BSCC)



Program Description: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is committed to being the leader in pediatric care, advancing research and finding the best treatments for children and adolescents. CHLA utilizes long-term strategic initiatives, including access, quality, family-centered care, research and education. An important component to CHLA is the Audrey Hepburn Child Advocacy, Response and Evaluation Services (CARES) Center.

The program will provide training, technical assistance, and support to Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center (BSCC) and Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) staff members to enhance care for child abuse and neglect victims in the Coachella Valley, and increase capacity of these sites to implement CHLA Audrey Hepburn CARES Center practices, policies and services.


Currently, limited staff members at BSCC and EMC are trained to examine and identify child abuse and neglect. This program aims to work with both organizations on training, policy and procedures updates that will increase the capacity to care for this vulnerable population. Unlike an illness or injury, child abuse is not so easily diagnosed. CARES began with a focus on identifying young victims, but has since grown into an expert in the field, with a special focus on the effects of trauma/toxic stress on the developing brain. This program will help increase awareness, accessibility, and resources for the youngest and most vulnerable children in our community.


Desert ARC

Focus Area: Health – Desert ARC Nursing Program



Program Description: Desert ARC’s mission is to enhance the lives and create opportunities for people with disabilities by increasing the choices, capabilities, and independence of clients participating at the organization’s programs. The vision is to provide training services that assist clients in finding suitable employment, and to provide day services for those who are medically fragile.  


Through the employment of two licensed vocational nurses, the goal of the Desert ARC’s nursing Program is to provide health services for adults with developmental disabilities, especially those with limited mobility who would otherwise not be able to participate in programs and activities offered at Desert ARC. All Clients participating in the Adult Day Center and almost half participating in other programs, receive medical services daily to meet necessary, routine medical needs.



FIND Food Bank
Focus Area: Health – School Mobile Food Pantry/Farmers Market

Program Description: FIND Food Bank is dedicated to relieving hunger, and the problems associated with hunger, through awareness, education, and mobilizing resources and community involvement. FIND’s vision is to support a community that is free of hunger and food insecurity.

FIND’s School Mobile Food Pantry/Farmers Market provides supplemental food assistance and fresh fruits and vegetables through school site farmers’ markets and mobile food pantry in Desert Hot Springs. The program includes nutrition education for children and outreach resources for families.


The program and its partnership with community-based agencies, low-income housing communities, and local schools districts, helps supplement the seasonal nutrition deficit that occurs each summer during the 10 weeks that school is not in session. The goal of the program is to not only provide immediate, essential nutrition for children, but also to build and showcase the demand in the community so that a fixed meal site can be sustained in the community for future years.


Jewish Family Service of the Desert

Focus Area: Health – Mental Health Counseling for Low-Income Residents



Program Description: For over 33 years, Jewish Family Service of the Desert has provided high quality mental health counseling services to individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and seniors from low to moderate income households at low or no cost.


The program provides outpatient treatment, at little or no cost, to individuals, couples and families from low- to moderate-income households throughout the Coachella Valley. Counselors work with clients to develop treatment plans that include goals with target dates, behavioral outcomes, and projected treatment duration. Families, individuals, and children who would not otherwise be able to afford mental health treatment now gain the opportunity to increase access and see an improvement in general mental health, helping to stabilize the family dynamic.