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Tips for Company / Workplace Campaigns

Get support from the top! Campaigns that have the support of company leadership, voiced publically, do best.
Time it! Campaigns should be fun, have a pecific goal, and limited timeframe - 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the size of our company and planned activities. 
Form a committee! Many hands lighten the load. Committee members can organize and administer the campaign, by setting a goal, specific timelines, and creating events and activities based on the number of employees at your company.
A committee of about 2-5 people could easily plan, organize and execute a successful campaign each year. Many campaigns have one person per department to help plan and provide ongoing communication to employees. These "Campaign Chairs" are your champions - they make sure everything gets completed and turned in on time, and are the cheerleaders among their peers!
Finally, be sure to include new employees and retirees during your workplace campaign. A great way to keep in contact with retirees is via campaign letter from the company's top leadership.
Campaign Theme
Consider coordinating your theme with United Way of the Desert's Campaign Manager. Provide a theme  relevant to your company's mission or one that aligns with employees' interests. Campaign related communication, events, and activities will be stronger with a consistent message and feel.
Many of us are inundated daily with electonic communication and mail, so consider using your intranet or company e-news to promote the campaign. Change the screensaver to the UW campaign theme as a reminder that the campaign is underway; encourage the senior team to send email messages affirming their reason for supporting the Unied Way campaign.
The start of your campaign is an event! Here are some ideas to make it interesting:
  •     food/treats are always a plus
  •     hold raffles and door prizes
  •     have your employees give testimonials
  •     ask the "boss" for a personal endorsement
  •     invite United Way speakers
  •     personally pass out pledge forms
  •     share United Way brochures and campaign video
  •     award prizes to those who turn in pledge forms on the same day
Sharing Results
It's important to share the final results of the campaign with employees and recognize their role in the success of your campaign. Place a sign or banner in a heavily traveled area, say thanks via e-mail, post a flyer on bulletin boards, etc. Be sure to also forward images and results to United Way staff for them to share.
Running a campaign can be a great team-building experience; do include the team in every aspect from start to finish for a more postive impact.
Thank You!
Recognition is extremely important - say "thank you" as often as you can! Personally thank donors. Send a short hand-written note if possible. The more personalized the correspondence, the better it will be received.
Consider rewarding employees for participation in the campaign with fun prizes. For example, lunch with the boss (and paid for by the boss), special parking space close to the entrance, vacation day or personal time off, and anything else that employees will value.
Find a fun way to close the campaign and celebrate the successful work of all involved.
Have a creative way you fundraise for United Way? Please email your photos and details to

Campaign Tools

Coming soon. Campaign chairs can upload various documents here.