Teacher/Student Relationship - Is the Student to Blame?


Kristen Dolan, Communications Manager for UWD, sat down with KMIR TV's Vince Marino to discuss whether a female minor might be to blame for her part of a student/teacher relationship. Kristen previously worked for years in the fields of child advocacy and anti-human trafficking and is able to give valuable insight into the psychology of these crimes, as well as what the law states as to whether these minor are complicent in these crimes or whether they are victims.

You can watch the interview here - https://youtu.be/i3YUvpIdcFc?t=36s

Our local chapter of Women United is also doing the work of child advocacy in the Coachella Valley. They have set their focus on the areas of education, advocacy, and legislation as it relates to human trafficking. Their goal is to educate the Coachella Valley on the human trafficking that occurs here, what we can do to help prevent and combat it, and also to support those organizations in the valley that are doing the work of direct victims services such as SafeHouse of the Desert. If you would like to know more about Women United and how you can join, click HERE or contact Christiane Joubert at Christiane@uwdesert.org.