So many organizations, some of them our partners, rely on volunteers. When you give your precious time, you eliminate the cost of hiring additional staff at the organization, and you help make a difference in our community. Giving and volunteering is also good for your wellbeing - the rewards are two-fold.
Please visit our volunteer registration page to sign up for United Way of the Desert volunteer opportunities. We know that your time is the most precious gift you can offer and we thank you for choosing to Live United!
Ways to Find Time to Volunteer
1. Combine family time with volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to spend quality time with the family while passing your values on to your children.
2. Many companies give their employees time to volunteer during the workday. Ask about policies at your company.
3. Make a specific volunteer opportunity a weekly, monthly, or yearly tradition so it is just as important as a birthday or holiday.
4. Join a social group that emphasizes volunteering, such as our Student United Way. You'll meet new people and give back to the community all at the same time.
5. Make a list of volunteer activities that do not require a commitment and keep it handy. This way, you can spontaneously participate when you have a litte free time.
6. Seize unexpected free time, like a canceled appointment or party, as an opportunity to volunteer. 
7. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to donate clothing and household items in good condition to charity.
8. Plan to volunteer on holidays when there is no school or work. Another oportunity to bring the kids along.
9. Consider taking a volunteer vacation. The next time you take a few days to travel, think about using a portion of your time to help those in need.
10. The most recent data about volunteerism in America suggests that the most likely person to volunteer is a woman with a job and kids. Volunteers are most likely the busiest people in this county! It's a choice to make time to volunteer when you care about an issue.